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Read books or not to read is a personal matter. It all depends on what kind of life do you prefer – the grey daily routine, or a life full of emotions and impressions. Indeed, reading books will make life much brighter. Reading opens us to new worlds. No matter, literally or figuratively, in the imagination, but the books open up new areas and countries in which we haven't visited before. Reading books can help in dealing with life situations. Reading about how to develop the lives of certain people, what they do things that will help us to look at things on the other hand, a new look, and develop innovative solutions. Still, how would you not find that strange - reading develops sexuality. Scientific studies have proven that women feel the presence of intelligence one of the most important qualities that must be present in males. And ceteris paribus would prefer more nachitannogo gentleman, regardless of whether she is looking for a life partner or partner for short visits. Well, plus, reading can improve mood. People who read regularly, are less vulnerable to stressful situations than those who are paid to read not enough time. So literature is a great way to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle and to relax. However, remember that much to get involved and immerse themselves in reading, having thrown all Affairs, it is not necessary.

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